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Tax Fraud Criminal Defense Attorneys

Recently, the federal government has increased criminal investigations and criminal enforcement against tax preparers. The definition of a tax preparer includes not only certified public accountants, but any individual or company engaged in preparing tax returns or claims for refunds for compensation. While tax preparers usually rely on information provided by their clients to prepare returns, there is a heightened interest by the authorities in assessing whether tax preparers are actively helping their clients file false or fraudulent tax returns. These accounting professionals are currently under increased scrutiny to determine whether they are aiding and abetting their clients in filing fraudulent returns.

Accountants and tax preparers can be subjected to criminal charges for filing false returns on behalf of their clients. The allegations against accountants or tax preparers can include falsifying books and records, hiding deposits or assets that are subject to taxation, claiming fraudulent deductions, or willfully aiding or assisting false or fraudulent material information. 

If you or your company is under investigation for tax fraud, it is important to retain a criminal defense attorney immediately. ​

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