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Fraud Appellate Attorneys

Civil Fraud Appeals

Appealing a fraud action should be handled by an appellate attorney who understands the intricacies of a civil fraud claim. Often these types of actions are dismissed prior to trial based on a failure to plead the claim with particularity or because the claim is duplicative of another cause of action. If a civil fraud claim is being appealed after trial, there are numerous evidentiary and legal issues that require an analysis by an appeal attorney experienced with claims of this nature. When you are seeking an appeals lawyer for a fraud action, your attorney should be able to both understand this complex area of the law and relay this knowledge to the appellate court.

If you are seeking an attorney for a civil fraud appeal, contact our firm to speak with an appellate attorney.

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The Siskopoulos Law Firm, LLP has experience in handling a wide variety of civil appeals. If you would like to speak with an appellate attorney regarding your appeal, call either the New York Office at (646) 942-1798 or the Boston Office at (617) 959-1628.

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