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Sixth Circuit Appellate Attorneys

Federal Appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit

When you are seeking appellate review to the Sixth Circuit, it is important to consult with an experienced federal appeal attorney so that you understand your rights and so that you take the necessary steps to preserve your appeal. Appeals are complex by nature and because of this fact, many attorneys do not handle appeals. If you are looking to reverse a decision rendered by a district court, it is important that your lawyer understand both the legal basis warranting a reversal and the procedural steps required to preserve your rights to seek a reversal.  

Our federal appellate lawyers are knowledgeable and skilled at litigating both civil and criminal appeals. If you are seeking an appeal to the Sixth Circuit, contact our firm to speak with an experienced appellate attorney.  

About the Sixth Circuit

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals is a federal appellate court that hears civil and criminal appeals stemming from the following federal district courts: Southern District of Ohio, Northern District of Ohio, Western District of Michigan, Eastern District of Michigan, Western District of Kentucky, Eastern District of Kentucky, Western District of Tennessee, Middle District of Tennessee, and Eastern District of Tennessee. The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has jurisdiction to hear appeals of all final decisions from those federal district courts. 

When a federal district court renders a final decision, you can appeal the decision as of right by filing a notice of appeal. Filing the notice of appeal is usually fairly simple and for this reason, many people mistakenly believe that pursuing the appeal will be just as simple. Individuals familiar with the appellate process know that winning an appeal is much more difficult. Obtaining a reversal from the Court of Appeals requires experience with the rules of procedure and knowledge of the governing law. Our federal appellate attorneys have that experience. 

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The Siskopoulos Law Firm, LLP has experience in handling a wide variety of civil appeals and criminal appeals. 

If you would like to speak with an appellate attorney regarding your appeal, call either the New York Office at (646) 942-1798 or the Boston Office at (617) 959-1628.

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