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Recent Highlights

The appellate cases handled by John V. Siskopoulos, Esq. and Alexandra Siskopoulos, Esq. have been cited by many prestigious legal publications including, but not limited to, Williston on Contracts, Siegel's New York Practice, Corpus Juris Secundum, Massachusetts Practice Series, New York Jurisprudence 2d, American Law Reports, McKinney's Forms Civil Practice Law & Rules, Carmody Wait 2d New York Practice, and Massachusetts Guide to Evidence. 

  • Siskopoulos Law Firm, LLP files motion to dismiss resulting in favorable settlement shortly after the commencement of litigation.
  • Siskopoulos Law Firm, LLP secures dismissal of all criminal charges for our client accused of violating a restraining order. 
  • Siskopoulos Law Firm, LLP defeats dispositive motion resulting in favorable settlement for our client.
  • The appellate attorneys of Siskopoulos Law Firm, LLP win a grant of transfer to the Indiana Supreme Court. The case involves the important appellate issues involving the use of prior bad act evidence in a criminal trial and addresses when this evidence should be precluded in order to afford a defendant a fair trial. This appellate case was highlighted in The Indiana Lawyer.
  • Siskopoulos Law Firm, LLP wins dismissal of lawsuit seeking damages in excess of $200,000.
  • Siskopoulos Law Firm, LLP secures unanimous reversal in Cheri Rest. Inc. v. Eoche, 2016 NY Slip Op 07985, vacating a default and sanctions issued against the Defendant.
  • Siskopoulos Law Firm, LLP obtains significant settlements in employment disputes against defendants represented by America's largest law firms.
  • Siskopoulos Law Firm, LLP achieves victory in Guardianship Proceeding in the New York Supreme Court, Westchester County.
  • John V. Siskopoulos, Esq. interviewed on the process of defending restraining orders.
  • John V. Siskopoulos, Esq. highlighted in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly regarding appellate victory.  
  • Alexandra Siskopoulos, Esq. appears on front page of New York Law Journal regarding appellate victory.
  • Alexandra Siskopoulos, Esq. secures appellate victory in Supreme Court of the State of New York, Appellate Division, Second Judicial Department.
  • Alexandra Siskopoulos, quoted in the New York Times regarding guardianship proceedings. To read the article click here.
  • John V. Siskopoulos, Esq. obtains victory in Massachusetts Appeals Court in Commonwealth v. McKay successfully overturning the defendant's conviction on a violation of a no contact order under G. L. c. 209A. The appellate court found that the defendant was entitled to a jury instruction on mistake or error and found that the statute did not intend to make accidents or mistakes crimes.
  • John V. Siskopoulos, Esq. secures rare settlement in highly contested arbitration claim.
  • John V. Siskopoulos achieves appellate victory in Massachusetts Appeals Court in Commonwealth v. Ramsey. The appeals court reversed the conviction holding that the wholesale admission of medical records was prejudicial error finding that the records contained illicit multiple complaint testimony in violation of the first complaint doctrine. 
  • Successfully obtained a stay by motion to the appellate court resulting in the stay of execution of a judgment.
  • Successfully moved for an emergency invasion of a structured settlement trust.
  • Successfully moved to amend a complaint to add additional claims against a party for $2,000,000.
  • Assisted a client in negotiating a publishing and co-author agreement on a book deal.
  • Assisted a client in negotiating a letter agreement for co-production of a television reality series.

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