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New Hampshire Federal Appellate Attorneys - Federal Appeal Lawyers

Federal Appeals in New Hampshire

When pursuing a federal appeal in New Hampshire, it is important to consult with an experienced federal appellate lawyer. Whether you are looking for a reversal in a civil action or seeking to overturn a criminal conviction, a federal appeal in New Hampshire is taken to the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit located in Boston, Massachusetts.

After losing a case in the lower court, litigants can typically appeal their case as a matter of right. Being afforded the right to take an appeal, however, does not guaranty a reversal by the appellate court. On appeal, the court is concerned with errors of law that impacted your right to a fair trial. This is where an experienced appellate attorney can make all the difference.

By reviewing the record on appeal, an experienced federal appellate attorney will be able to determine what critical issues are present in your case. After identifying the important issues, an appeal lawyer has the ability to present these complex issues to the appellate court by writing comprehensive and persuasive legal briefs.

If you would like to speak with a New Hampshire federal appeal attorney, contact our firm.

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The Siskopoulos Law Firm, LLP has experience in handling a wide variety of civil appeals and criminal appeals. If you would like to speak with an appellate attorney regarding your appeal, call either the New York Office at (646) 942-1798 or the Boston Office at (617) 959-1628.

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